This is a 6 inch candle which is lit and placed in the ear. The vibration of the air rising through the candle is caused by the natural movement of the flame. This gently massages the eardrum which can help with snoring, discomfort, stress and irritation in the ears or sinuses.


There are no clinically proven benefits of Thermal Auricular Therapy in the removal of ear wax. However, some people are known to find the whole experience relaxing and therapeutic. Practitioners of hopi ear candles also claim that it can alleviate and cure symptoms such as:

Auricular Acupuncture

This is quite simply acupuncture done on the ear which involves the insertion of superfine needles into specific points on the body. Once inserted the needles can be manipulated to stimulate the body for healing effects.


The benefits of receiving auricular acupuncture for general heart health include that it:

– Helps with smoking cessation.
– Lowers blood pressure.
– Combats weight gain by suppressing appetite.
– Manages stress and anxiety.
– Improves sleep and treats a wide array of sleep problems.
– Increases HRV.