Brief Summary of Justice Keegan’s verdict.
Fr Hugh Mullan & Frank Quinn both were “innocent men” , use of force was “clearly disproportionate” and violation of article 2, investigation was inadequate. They were shot by the military and were unarmed.
Joan Connolly, Noel Philips, Joseph Murphy and Danny Teggart, “no justifaction for their deaths” .
“There was a basic inhumanity for leaving Mrs Connolly in the field for so long.”
Some soldiers were “triumphalist” and “heavy handed” to the bodies brought into the Henry Taggart Hall.
“Deaths were a violation of article 2” , use of force was “disproportionate” and the yellow card was not adhered to.
All were “unarmed innocent people and posed no threat” .
Eddie Doherty, there was no evidence that he had a rifle. Eddie was not engaged in any activity.
Soldier gave different accounts at different times, “he acted in contravention of the yellow card”.
He was an “innocent man who posed no threat”. Eddie was not in any illegal organisation. “The used of force was disproportionate” , there was no proper investigation at the time.
John Laverty and Joe Corr
They were “shot by the British army” and not by anybody else. There is no evidence of a riot on the street at the time.
“There were no guns on or near John Laverty or Joe Corr”.
“no justification for use of lethal force”.
“Failed and inadequate invistigation of these deaths at the time”.
“No evidence of paramilitary trappings no evidence to describe them as gunmen” and the rumour that they were should be dispelled.
John McKerr, there was a failure to investigate the incident at the time.
Haven’t heard any military evidence at all.
“I have no hesitation in stating that Mr McKerr was an entirely innocent man who was indiscriminately shot in the street”
“He has no association with the IRA and he was not armed” and ” I want to dispel that rumour”.
“No evidence to say who fired the fatal shot”.
Serious indictment not to “seriously investigate the death of an innocent civilian”.
” All those were entirely innocent and were not involved in any wrong doing”.
Some peace may now be achieved with these verdicts.

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